A Guide to Buying Shapewear

Shapewear is the ultimate solution for any women who want to enhance her looks and body contours, even in the tightest of her dresses. If you prefer wearing control lingerie garments then your attires fit much better and you also feel confident as you are aware that no panty lines are visible now and your figure is enhanced and slenderized when needed. These special control lingerie garments are specifically designed for women, irrespective of complexion and age. These types of undergarments are very popular today, especially amongst the curvy women or those who have recently given birth or who want to get back her pre-pregnancy body.


However, Shapewear can also be used by slim women to add curves, shape their bust and to create an hourglass body that is very captivating and appealing. So, this sexy lingerie is for everyone who wants to feel confident and look gorgeous. But, it is very crucial for you to purchase the best suited shapewear to have a perfect looking body and curves. So, here is a small, yet effective guide for buying shapewear.

Buy full-body Shapers according to Bra Size

The full-body shapers are also popularly called as all-in-one shapewear garments and it provides complete coverage from bust to the hips and these undergarments are specifically designed with built-in bra. The full-body briefers are mainly designed based on bra size, so it is very crucial for you to ensure that you are aware with the size of your bra before investing in this body-shaper. This will help you to grab the best suited and fitted full body shapers.

Know the waist and hip measurement  

The shapewears like waist cinchers, thigh shapers, tummy support and hip support garments are designed on the basis of your panty size. The size of panty is mainly calculated on the basis of the waist and hip measurement. So, ensure that you have calculated for the right panty size before you proceed for these shapewear pieces.

Buy light control to smooth and shape

Remember, the light control shapewear garments offer exceptional support and comfortable and they are designed to lightly lift and support your body without pinching, irritating and binding. These types of undergarments are appropriate with clothing that is made out of delicate or thin fabrics.

Buy firm or moderate control shapewears to correct flaws

If you want to have extra support and smoothness while wearing formal attires then prefer to purchase shapewear garments with firm or moderate control. This type of garment will help you to minimize the problem areas, while holding and lifting your body in position. The compression garments, body briefers, full-body shapers and waist cinchers with firm or moderate support levels are designed with built-in panels and it offers smooth and comfortable feeling throughout the day.

Ensure the shapewear fits aptly

The shapewear garments are mainly designed to cinch certain areas of your body and to fit smoothly over your skin. But, it is very important for you to ensure that the shapewear you are buying is of right size and make you feel comfortable. Ensure that all the panels and seams are straight in the bustier to have a perfect fit.