How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

Are you aware with the fact that you were supposed to wash your bra and other undergarments? Most of the women believe that washing their favorite bras means taking it off and probably running it for forever. You may ask woman how often they wash their bras and other undergarments. You will probably be told that it is none of their business, while some may also tell you that they wash it after every wearing. But, the question arises here is that how often should you wash your bra and other undergarments.


No woman prefer to wear dirty undergarments, then why is that so very few women only remember to wash their bras and other undergarments after every wearing or in every few weeks. So, to find out the answer continue reading this article that will let you know some stone cold facts about washing bras and other undergarments.

Apparently, how often you wash your bras and other undergarments greatly depends on the personal hygiene. If you tend to sweat a lot then your bra will defiantly soak all the sweat and hence making it full of bacteria. So, washing your bra after every wear becomes necessary in this case. If you are average woman and don’t prefer to wear regular bra at gym, then it is better to wash them after every 3-4 wears. There are specific sport bras available that you may prefer to wear at gym and you should preferably wash them after every wash in regular laundry to keep it free from bacteria and oil.

There are many women who prefer to wash bras intermittently because they have a rotation of bras handy with them. They actually have 8-10 bras and they tend to wear one after another without washing. When they get time they wash their used bras all together to save washing time. Though it may sound nasty, but it is the best way to save time and to increase lifespan of your favorite bras.

There are also women who prefer to wash their bras after every wear. They simply throw their bras and other undergarments into their washer and dryer without knowing the fact that bras cleaned in washing machine tend to fall apart. If you follow this method to wash your undergarments then get ready to spend huge sum of money for your undergarments.

The experts suggest that you should wash your bras after every third wearing. However, there might be some exceptions to this rule. If you wear bra at gym or if you sweat a lot then washing them after every wear becomes necessary. But, in case you wear particular bra only so often, then it is better to wash them after every third wear to increase its longevity.

Bras are the most important undergarments and it should be maintained aptly to increase its lifespan. It is the fundamental part f your wardrobe and hence taking proper care of these undergarments is very essential. If you take proper care of your favorite bras then it will definitely last longer than your expected.