How to Buy Vintage Lingerie

For some people it may sound crazy and awkward, but vintage lingerie are the sexiest lingerie till date which will never go out of fashion soon. In fact, these sexy body-stockings in general are very famous and widely preferred by woman. You will come across with variety of vintage clothing stores, both offline and online. So, before you start you chase for these vintage, yet sexy lingerie it is important for you to consider few things. Below you will come across with few helpful tips on how to buy vintage lingerie.



The size specifications have changed considerably over the past few years. Remember, the modern size 14 is considerably bigger than the size 14 from 50s and 60s. Moreover, the sizing also varies in different countries. For instance, the size 12 in USA could size 16 in UK. So, please ensure that you are aware with the exact measurement of your bra size and waist size before purchasing vintage lingerie.


The stretching feature of vintage body shapers and body-stockings was from rubber materials. But, the modern counterparts are elastane and lycra.  Unfortunately, the vintage lingerie designed with latex is particularly vulnerable to deterioration over time, especially if they are not stored in temperature controlled conditions. So, from 40s the manufacturers started using form rubber as padding in the corselets and corsets. These types of vintage lingerie and body-stockings don’t have to stand the test of time as the foam rubber becomes harder and inflexible over time and tend to crumbles to gritty power.


Remember, the nearer the condition of lingerie to “Factory Fresh”, the more collectable it will be. It is very difficult to find vintage lingerie from 20s and 30s compared to lingerie from 60s. Being a collector of vintage garments, it is important for you to consider the condition of the lingerie as well as the garments should not have the signs of wear and tear, rust, storage marks and perishing of fabrics.


It is apparent that vintage lingerie in great condition is likely to b more expensive and valuable compared to a more recent example. It is always advisable to check the label of the garments. The old garments will have the hand washing instructions, while the modern ones come with machine washing instructions. Moreover, the vintage lingerie will have more rayon, cotton and rubber materials, while the modern lingerie will have lycra. So, always consider all these factors before purchasing. If the label is not available then you may check these things to ensure that you have purchasing the right vintage lingerie.

You will come across with variety of online stores that specialize in vintage corsets, lingerie, shapewear, undergarments and body-stockings. There also stores on internet that deal in cheap lingerie, but you need to ensure that the store is trustworthy and reliable before purchasing the discounted lingerie. Check the feedback of their customers and return policy before you place your order for vintage lingerie. Buy, bear in mind that these lingerie are probably the used ones, but as authentic as you can get.